Health Benefits of Fish Oil

What does fish oil do for our bodies? What it is and why you should take it.

Fish oil provides us with omega 3 fatty acids that we cannot produce ourselves. These are called essential fatty acids because we have to get them from our diet and they are essential for us to live.

What does fish oil do? Why take fish oil?

Well, why do you drink water? Because you need it to survive! You can survive without fish oil, but you will not flourish! If you are deficient in omega 3 it can lead to many degenerate health conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

See my information on the

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to get an idea of how important this nutrient is.

When you are deficient in water you become thirsty within minutes. When you are deficient in omega 3, the symptoms are much less drastic and take much longer to notice.

True wellness is about supplying your body with what it genetically needs and thus never needing to experience those symptoms.

Your body requires omega fish oil and it’s almost impossible now to get them from your diet alone because:

  • Most wild fish are no longer safe due to contaminates in the oceans, rivers and lakes.
  • The farmed fish are fed grains like corn and do not feed on the omega 3 containing algae like they do in the wild.
  • Most cattle are grain fed which means they lack the omega 3 fatty acids that are supplied from grass eating. Grass fed beef is getting harder to find and more expensive.

So what does fish oil do for us?

The omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish oil:

  • Play a major role in nervous system health
  • Make up 20-30% of the fat in our brains – especially in high concentration of the gray matter
  • Control the inflammation response
  • Control blood pressure, blood clotting and healthy triglyceride levels
  • Support healthy vision
  • Support the immune system
  • Support joint health
  • Are essential throughout every stage of development

What is Fish Oil?

Fish oil typically comes from deep sea fish who eat algae and thus contain high levels of DHA and EPA omega fatty acids. This oil is then purified and filtered and put into capsules or left as a liquid to use as a supplement.

There are many different brands of fish oil with differing quality levels and types of fish used. Not all fish oil is equal – you’ve been warned!

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