Opening a Crossbow Hunting Season – Memories

Opening morning September 29th was a grand season opener (you can see exact dates here). The air was cool and the sky was clear. There wasn’t even a breeze as the sun made its way over the eastern horizon. As the darkness gave way to light, the sounds of the woods could be heard all around. First a great horned owl sounded off to the east and a few wood ducks whistled in the marsh in front of me. As the morning got lighter I saw a raccoon scurrying into the marsh for some breakfast. Squirrels were running from branch to branch and jumping from tree to tree. The morning held so much promise and as I watched a big fat fox squirrel climbing a nearby walnut tree, I was reminded of last deer season when as I sat in the very same stand I am in this morning that I was attacked by a squirrel. This squirrel was very cunning and not like any squirrel I had ever encountered.

I sat on my perch about 12 feet off the ground and had never noticed or at least given any thought to the fact that my stand was fastened to a walnut tree.

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How The Hunting Begun

On the morning in question, last deer season, I was setting patiently on my stand with my favorite barnett quad 400 crossbow when all of a sudden I noticed this very large fox squirrel climbing down the tree that my stand was fastened to. It was a bit unnerving to see this 2 pound wild animal heading down the tree and directly at me. I made some noise and moved around a little bit so the squirrel would know I was there. He stopped in his tracks about 10 feet over my head and started barking and squawking at me. I was getting a bit frustrated with all the noise this bushy tail was making. He finally shut up and headed back up the tree. I was quite relieved to see him go. Finally the woods were quite again. As I began to scan the area around me to see if any unsuspecting deer had entered my area, I was suddenly and rudely interrupted. I felt something crack me on the top of my head and I seriously saw stars for a minute. My camouflage head piece was little protection from this projectile that smashed into me. At almost the instant the pain collided with my head I noticed a large walnut bouncing off of me and falling right in front of me. I was quite startled and as I looked up the tree above me, there was that squirrel. I swear he had a smile on his face. I believe but can’t prove it, but I think that little rodent dropped that walnut on me.

It was not an accident, it was premeditated rodent harassment.

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One Year Later

That was a year ago and I am in the same tree with the same camouflage head piece on and the same crossbow for hunting. I am looking for deer but my eyes are also on the squirrels that are parading all around me. Maybe all this distraction to my main purpose is the reason that the very large doe about 40 yards out to my right has seen me before I saw her. I am sure that my movement has alerted her to the large blog on top of what used to be a perch for the squirrel that lives in the walnut tree. She looks at me and I stare at her for several moments and then she does an about face and walks back down the trail she came from. Boy all that coffee had done a number on my bladder and another cup of coffee is only a few miles away. It was a great morning to be alive and it’s early in the season so off of the perch I go and back to the coffee pot I come.

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