How to Reduce Waste in the Kitchen

Everyone loves at least two things: 1. saving money and 2. Planet Earth. Right? Well, at least we hope most people love Planet Earth! Anyway, I personally hate a full trash can in my kitchen and I go to lengths to ensure that things stay tidy and not wasteful. Here are a few tips to keep things clean and green and might even save you some money!

1.Have a few bins. Rather than just having one large bin for all your trash, have several smaller bins so you can easily divide the trash up. Have one for pure, unadulterated landfill trash, one for plastic and cans, one for paper products, and one for plastic grocery bags. It might seem like a lot, but you’ll actually be more apt to recycle paper and plastic and you’ll have those plastic bags on hand to reuse, rather than just throw them out.

2.Grate ahead of time. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve let carrots and celery die a slow death in my fridge, turning flaccid and gray before finally hitting the dust. It can be an inconvenience if your grocery doesn’t sell individual carrots and you have to buy a bag of carrots or celery when your recipe only calls for one stalk or one carrot. So, rather than letting them languish in my fridge, I grate them up and freeze them in bags. Shredded or chopped carrots, celery, and onions are the traditional flavorful base for many, many soups, casseroles, stews, and sauces. You can either take whatever is left after your recipe and grate it all together or do it separately, pour into freezer bags, write the date on it and what’s inside, and pop in the freezer. Simply thaw it out before you use it! The vegetables do loose their fresh crunch after they’re frozen, so you couldn’t use them in a fresh salad, but they’re absolutely perfect (and save money!) when whipping up a sauce!

3.The sponge game. I feel like my sponges play a twisted game of musical chairs in my kitchen. I always keep one strictly for dishes. After I wash the dishes, I place it in such a way that it can air dry completely to prevent mildew or nastiness from forming. Occasionally, I’ll pour boiling water over it to freshen them up before I start cleaning my vegetable noodle maker. But, sponges can do a lot more than just dishes. After a sponge has started to become tired-looking and I’m ready to replace it with a new one, it becomes the one that I use for everything else– counter top, stove top, oven spot cleaning, etc. etc. It works much better than paper towels at cleaning off burnt-on muck from your stove or oven. I only keep one of these double-duty sponges in my kitchen and simply throw it out when the next dish-only sponge gets tired looking, and thus the story goes on! It’s also a great idea to keep one in the bathroom, too!

4.Rags, rags, rags! I hate using paper towels, it’s such a waste of a resource and money! But, like a lot of modern inventions, there are a few things they do really, really well. Instead of using paper towels to wipe up every little spill or smear, I use rags. Where do I get them? My T-shirt drawer! Every few months a shirt will become a little too worn, tear, or get  a stain and is beyond wearable or for donation. Instead of tossing it, I cut out and discard the underarms/sleeves and cut the broad flat sections into square or rectangular rags. These guys are perfect for really scrubbing some tough dirt, completely washable, and totally reusable. I keep them neatly folded under my sink and throw the dirty ones into a little box so I can wash them all at once. At this point, I have about two dozen that I keep around and I never throw them out ’til they are complete tatters. Since I use them with cleansers and on tough burnt-on oven grime, I never use them around food– even after they’re washed. But, you’ll still find your paper towel usage severely decrease with these rags on hand!

5.Try to contain yourself. Keep those plastic take-out containers you get from Chinese food delivery and delis! Rather than throwing them straight to recycling, thoroughly wash them out, dry them, and put them in your cabinet. It might seem like a laughably frugal thing to do, but they are enormously handy when you’re sending leftovers home with a guest. It’s a wonderful gesture to send some food with your guests when they leave after dinner– a few cookies, a slice of pie, etc.– and those plastic containers are perfect. You never have to worry about getting them back and they’re meant to hold food– perfect, I say! I also keep those plastic forks and spoons around, too, when I don’t end up using the myself– those are great for taking out on a picnic or to work!

Human Capital

Human Capital

Do you know what you are regarded as by corporations? Let me start first by saying back when the industrial revolution began, although people were working for someone, they considered themselves their own company. Meaning, they “owned” their jobs. This is one of the concepts upon which labor unions were formed. As we moved into the later part of the century, people basically just became “employees”. Corporations just regarded you as an “employee”. As we are nearing the end of the first decade of the new millennium, corporations really don’t consider the people that work for them as “employees” any longer. You are now referred to as Human Capital. Basically, you are a slave.

Human Capital

As Human Capital, you are just another cow within a herd. The goal of all corporations is to get you for as cheap as possible and then double and triple your workload at the same time. This reduces the amount of Human Capital needed to produce. Hence, greater profits. Hence, bigger bonuses for all of the international globe trotting fat cats that sit on the board of the corporation and have never worked a day in their lives. A lot of these fat cats sit on the board of more than just one corporation as well. This is what interlocks corporations and forms monopolies. Your own government is suppose to prevent monopolies from forming. They aren’t doing that anymore. This is one of the reasons of how you have become Human Capital.



Now, in this day and age, the corporations and the government are pretty much one in the same anymore. Any time you have people working for the FDA and then to jumping to a high position at a Pharmaceutical company or any time you have someone from Goldman Sachs investment firm serving as Secretary of Treasury of the United States, then that says it all. This nation is no longer by the people and for the people. It’s by the corporations and for the corporations. Well, since corporations only regard you as “Human Capital”, guess what your own government thinks of you as?



Human Capital that provides a tax base to feed the National Treasury so that the Federal Reserve can be paid back with interest on the fiat currency that they print and loan out. The country has debt that needs to be paid back because blank checks were written out to corporations in the name of bogus causes such as “Aids for Africa”, contracts to widen roads that don’t need it or build bridges to nowhere, or some country like Georgia that has done nothing for us, or the United Nations of which only serves its own interest and not ours. But yet we keep giving them money. Your labor, of which provides a tax base, pays for it. And yet, you are told that Social Security probably won’t be there for Gen X even though we can keep writing blank checks to various corporations for bogus causes, various countries for no cause at all, and “bail-outs” for failing financial institutions that refused to play by the rules to begin with. Do you think the government would ever step in to pay off your mortgage in the event that you are faced with a foreclosure on your home? I kind of doubt it.

Human Capital

So what does the future bring us? Well, with the upcoming presidential elections, it won’t matter if you vote Democrat or Republican. Neither are within your best interest. One party has a goal of moving America into a land of cheap labor that is no longer a super power within the world. A land where you will be nothing but Human Capital that will have to scratch and claw for a corporate job of low pay and heavy labor. The other party would rather this land be turned into a Socialist Communist nation run by global elites where everything, including “human capital”, is state owned, or government owned. One party uses the exploitation of capitalism to accomplish their goal, and the other uses the mainstream media, diversity, lawyers, and courts as tools to accomplish theirs.


In both cases, each party grants additional rights to whom they pander, and take away rights from those that they see as being in their “way”. For now, you can watch your retirement accounts shrink along with the falling dollar and the failing stock market and you can thank the rest of the General Public Idiots that drive their SUV’s around and talk on their cell phones that cancel out your vote every four years. Why are they so ignorant as to where everything is headed? Well, a lot of them are either inheritance cases or are enjoying their cushy six figure regional sales manager jobs. So everything is fine and dandy for now. But that will soon change. The water is getting near its boiling point and the frogs don’t quite know it yet.